The Solar Road Studs in Canada

Another product made by NOKIN becomes popular in Canada, which is the solar road stud of NK-RS-D1. Our Canada client purchased 1,300 pieces of solar led cat eye road stud of NK-RS-D1. He has done a lot of experiment on this product, and NOKIN was not disappointing him that all cargo of NOKIN has past the road test in Canada. The client from Canada thought the NK-RS-D1 is a marvelous product that he has ever met. He noted that more orders of different colors would be taken for the safety of people walk and drive on road.


The solar road stud of NK-RS-D1 is the new star of NOKIN, and it becomes popular when it is produced. It can resist strong pressure, and the solar road stud can work well in high temperature. This kind of road stud has strong reflective effect, which can give guidance during night time and adverse weather conditions. From the day it leaves the factory, it becomes the bodyguard of all people. This road stud is designed with handgrips and screw holes on both sides, which can be installed firmly. It has five colors for you to choose, and they are red, yellow, green, blue and white.


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