How to Control the Solar Street Light Intelligently?

When referring to intelligent control, there are three wireless communication technologies should be mentioned, and they are Bluetooth technology, infrared technology and wifi technology. And the intelligent controlled solar street light is to apply those control technologies into the controller of the solar street light.

First, we can talk about the Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth is a communicator to finish the communication among several devices, which support voice and data communication. The features of the Bluetooth is that it has short transmission distance, which is 10 meters, support voice and data communication, and economical and practical that all Bluetooth devices can communicate directly. We must be familiar with the application of Bluetooth technology of cell phone.

Then, the infrared technology should be referred. The infrared is a peer-to-peer technology, which has low cost and is cross platform, but the wavelength is short and asks high about the transmission environment, which is mainly applied in household appliances.

And the full name of wifi is Wireless Fidelity, which is a wireless internet communication tool based on IEEE802.11, and it has high transmission speed, long distance and good security. There may interfere in frequency channel, but not that serious.

For the solar street light, those three technologies all have advantages and disadvantages. But for practical application, the wifi technology may become a trend.


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