The cat eye road studs First Appear in Overhead Viaduct of Rongcheng

Recently, the Fuzhou Municipal Engineering Administration Bureau has installed cat eye road studs for 10 bridges in the urban area of Fuzhou, and the installation would last for half a month. It should be noticed that the cat eyes installed this time are the 360°reflective amber road studs, which are first applied in downtown of Fuzhou. And in the future, the safety of night-driving will improve greatly.


The aim of the installation of cat eyes is to improve the safety of night-driving. The cat eye road studs can reflect the light of vehicles in the range of 360°, which can delineate the way and avoid the crack on separation guardrails effectively at night.
Compared with the traditional road stud, the cat eyes are much brighter, and the reflectivity of them will be better when the night approaches. And the reflectivity of the cat eyes will not change by the influence of the bend of the road, and the reflective area is two times of that of the traditional ones. And the service time of the cat eye is at least 5 years.



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