Problems that always Meet for the Solar Road Stud

There are many problems that always appear after the installation of the solar road stud, and they are as follows.

Hollow Structure

The solar road studs that installed on the ground always break into pieces or the upper part separate with the under part, which is caused by the hollow structure of the solar road studs themselves. Many people believes that the cast aluminum shell has stronger pressure resistance when compared with the studs made by other materials, however, this opinion is one-sided. The road studs with hollow structure all have low pressure resistance.

The solar road stud with foot has two parts, and one is the bottom part with foot, and the other is the solar panel, LED, and lightshade. The upper part connects with the bottom part with several screws. In the process of installation, the adhesive only fixes the bottom part of the solar road stud on the ground, and the connection of the upper part is only through the screws. This structure is easy to make the road stud out of service. The upper part may fall apart after several times’ crushes.


Some of the solar road studs reflect light through reflectors, however, the reflectors cannot reflect light effectively. The standard mould cores are electroformed in the needle type electroforming motherboard, which have high precision. And the motherboard should be dismantled to re-polish to guarantee the reflectivity of the reflective mould core. It seems that the reflectors produced by some factories can reflect light, but they cannot reflect light effectively actually.

However, the solar road stud produced by NOKIN TRAFFIC FACILITY has solid structure and good reflectivity, which can work effectively no matter at night or in bad weather conditions, which is the loyal safeguard for people driving at night. We can provide high-quality traffic facilities like solar road stud, amber road stud, solar traffic signs and solar integrated street light for the customers. Welcome to establish cooperation relationship with us.


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