Harbin Further Improves the City Traffic Infrastructures

In the process of improving traffic infrastructures, the traffic police have taken many humanized measures, and they set many solar signal lights in the intersections of the city, and the separation guardrails are build in the non-motorized lane of Youyi Road.


The solar traffic sign lights are mainly applied in the instruction site of underground and underground tunnel where cannot use the original signal light for the cutting off of electricity to guarantee the safety of intersections. In addition, some testing solar signal lights are doing test installation in newly built intersections, if they work well, the solar signal light will be installed in these intersections formally. Those temporary solar signal lights with low failure rate can work for 24 hours.

To propose for green travel, the Traffic Police build the 3700-meter separation guardrails between the motor lane and non-motorized lane in Youyi Road, which can not only prevent illegal parking of cars, but protect the safety of non-motorized vehicles.

The traffic police introduce that 24 arterial streets are involved in the construction of underground and underground tunnel, and in order to decrease the influence of traffic to the minimum, 18 detours are designed and 500 traffic signs are set in the construction site.

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