Solar Road Stud Helps You to Keep Away With Expressway Kill – Agglomerate Fog

Influenced by the microclimate, there will be thicker mist mass in the range of ten meters of hundreds of meters, which is inside the mist, and it is called agglomerate fog. Compared with the city areas, agglomerate fog is easy to appear in suburb or rural areas, especially in expressways where is open. For it is quite difficult to be broadcasted, the drivers cannot be warned or informed in advance, and it usually causes severe traffic accidents, so the agglomerate fog is called “killer on the move” in expressways. Once the driver comes to the agglomerate fog area, the driver should slow down at once, and turn on all the light, and then use the marked lines on the ground to guide the way. It is quite dangerous to park the cars on the spot, which may cause rear-end collision.

However, is there an effective method to make the drivers safe when the agglomerate fog appears suddenly?

The solar road stud can help the drivers keep away with the agglomerate fog. In some foreign countries, the solar reflective road studs are installed in expressways to warn the drivers about the way ahead to avoid the threat caused by agglomerate fog effectively. The leds on the solar road stud can flashing or constantly ON, and the strong light can penetrate the thick fog and delineate the way clearly for the drivers and warn them to drive safely. According to the survey, if the solar road studs are installed in the areas where agglomerate fog happens frequently can reduce the happening rate of traffic accidents. How important the solar road stud is for the drivers driving in agglomerate fog area!



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