The use of solar road stud

Solar road stud has been widely used in many developed countries. There is a saying, “look the marking during the day and road stud during the night”. Solar road stud is charged by solar energy. It gives out light in the night, rainy and foggy weather automatically when the illumination is insufficient, well guide vehicles to drive in the right direction, effectively safeguard the traffic safety and reduce the traffic accidents.


Of course, users should choose reliable manufacturer of solar road stud first. Solar road stud of poor quality would be broken after installation for several months or even several days. While good solar road stud can be used for years.

Use occasions:

  1. Bi-directional four lane without barriers among the road or edge stone with insufficient light at night;
  2. The crossroads/zebra crossing (slow down tip);
  3. Sharp turn of the road;
  4. Foggy areas (seaside, airport road);
  5. Edge stone of the highway and road without street light;
  6. Elevated and the tunnel entrance and exit guide line position;
  7. Vehicle segregation area (surrounding the horizontal line of triangle);
  8. Railway ramp entrance;
  9. Toll station lane line;
  10. Accident-prone area;
  11. City sidewalks, park path and other sections and roads where the night scene need to be beautified.



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