Comparison Between Solar Road Studs and Cat Eyes

The ordinary reflective road studs and solar road studs are the two types of traffic safety facilities that are widely used throughout the world. However, what are the differences between those two products?

  1. Visual Distance

Based on the technology of reflection, the cat eyes are visible in a certain distance, which is around 80 meters. However, the LEDs on the solar road studs can give out strong light, which can be seen in the distance of over 1000 meters, over ten times of that of the cat eyes.

  1. Ways of Power

The electrical energy is used by the cat eyes, and the battery inside the cat eyes can provide energy for them to work effectively. The energy used by solar road studs is solar energy, which is absorbed by the solar panels on the studs, which is transformed into electrical energy and stored inside the battery. During the night, the solar road studs will then light up automatically without external power.

  1. Intensity of Light

The cat eyes will be fade in rainy days or the cat eyes get dirty. The solar road studs can give out strong light from the LEDs, which can attract the attention of drivers and pedestrians. The solar road studs consequently increases the safety of all road users as it enhances the ability to discern/ navigate danger zones much earlier than cat eyes or conventional road studs. The cat eyes will fail to reflect light back to the driver when light is being projected upwards to drivers coming from opposite direction.


The solar road studs produced by NOKIN are ISO9001:2000, CE&RoHS approve, which have seized the market in quantities of countries around the world. The products of NOKIN are tested strictly before going to the market. You can send e-mails to ask for catalogues of products.


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