Introduction of NOKIN

Established in 2001, NOKIN TRAFFIC FACILITY has worked in the field of traffic safety facilities for over 16 years, and it works in the research and development of solar and led technology, and the NOKIN TRAFFIC FACILITY owns a large quantity of patents in this field.

Main Products:
Road stud, solar cats eyes, solar traffic signs and all in one solar street lights.


Main Business:
Solar road studs are our core business. From the beginning of our company, we have made several kinds of reflective road markers: from the plastic road stud to the amber road stud, to the later cast aluminium road stud and the solar road stud nowadays. All those products represent the most advanced technology in that period. And we made several kinds for the clients to choose. For the clients we facing are from all over the world, and every one of them has unique needs. For example, in South Africa, the pearl solar road markers have worked for over ten years, and have been highly praised by the clients, who are faithful to this kind of solar road stud. However, the cast aluminium solar road markers can work well in Middle East, and the clients are quite satisfied with the cast aluminium ones. Although the solar cats eyes are electronic products, they should meet strict standard and pass the road test, so the shape and inside structure won’t change easily.

Clients of NOKIN TRAFFIC FACILITY speak highly of it, and there are a large number of practical installation examples all over the world, and NOKIN is quite familiar with the installation environment throughout the world. NOKIN will take part in the solar products exhibitions in Europe, Middle East and Hong Kong every year. The products of NOKIN win praise of its clients by high-quality and good after-service. NOKIN exports its products to many countries and districts. With several years hard-working, NOKIN has established long-term cooperation relation with clients all over the world.


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