Waterproof reflective cat eyes LED solar road stud

Our solar road stud provides clearly visible traffic guidance in all weather conditions. After being energized by the sun, the SRS automatically starts to flash when night falls or with the onset of inclement weather. The bright yellow flashing LEDs are highly effective at getting the attention of drivers – much earlier than conventional road studs.


Features of solar road stud
1. Anti-high(low) temperature Nimh Battery with over 3 years circle life.
2. Can be made flash and steady work mode
3. Compression resistance over 20 tons with over 800m viewing distance.
4. Lifetime: Over 3-5 years
5. Warranty: 14 months

1. OEM Service is Acceptable: We can designed & manufacture the products according to your samples or drawings and use your company LOGO;
2. Free Sample Service: We will refund all samples cost to you, when order bulk successfully;
3. After Sales Service and Technical Assistance: The company provides after sales service and technical assistance as per the customers requirement and needs;

We have the exquisite craftsmanship,advanced equipment,sophisticated inspecting devices,full management system,,quality control department, So we could assure both the quality and the delivery time with the professional service ,we could help the clients save the time and effort.

We are Located in Shenzhen City, nearby Hong Kong seaports. We strictly control the quality in accordance with ISO 9001, and most of the products have the CE, FCC and ROHS certificate.


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