Factory Price reflective plastic road stud

Road stud, also known as protruding signs, It is a kind of traffic safety facility. It mainly installed in the middle of the road marking tape or double yellow lines, to remind drivers drive by lane by its retro-reflective property. Plastic road studs are extremely durable devices providing day and night visibility in adverse weather conditions. These provide a definitive and clear, outline of pavement markings during poor visibility conditions like fog, rain, and darkness.


Product Features:
1. Strong pressure resistance, shock resistance, high temperature resistance.
2. Strong reflective effect, warning vehicles in the night obviously.
3. Various colors make the city beautiful
4. Very easy to install, 1PC marker with 50g plaster(resin A/B liquor 1: 1)

Why choose us:
1.We have professional technical development team, support OEM services to meet your unique needs.
2.Quick update product line,Diverse types of product models to meet your one-stop procurement requirements.
3.Fast service in place,Pre free samples and timely replenishment.
4.Support all kinds of the orders no matter quantity is big or small, totally meet your requirement on all kinds of quantity request

The plastic road studs of NOKIN are exported to America, Canada, Philippines, Nigeria and so on. The research team of NOKIN will do many tests on one product before it goes to the market to ensure that there is no shortage of the products. If you want to know more about the products of NOKIN, please contact us to ask for catalogues. We are always looking forward to cooperate with you.


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