Road Studs of NK-1002 will Appear in Argentina


On 19th April, 2015, 100,000 pieces NK-1002 cat eye reflective road studs made by NOKIN TRAFFIC FACILITY were purchased by client from Argentina. NOKIN become the sole supplier for all road markings and road studs, and it is also responsible for the removal of road markings throughout the country of Argentina. NOKIN promises that they will try their best to do the maintenance of all road markings and road studs in Argentina. Ross Bullerwell, director of operation for the Argentina company, pointed out that the contract signed with NOKIN would assist us in achieving our goal, and he believed that the products of NOKIN would take their company from strength to strength. At the same time, they were looking forward to the after working with NOKIN TRAFFIC FACILITY and to develop a longtime cooperation.

Features of raised road stud:
– Made of modified enhanced engineering plastics, injection molding.
– Good performance, micro prism total reflection reflector with diamond level reflection brightness.
– Very easy to install, 1pc marker with 50g plaster(resin A/B liquor 1:1)
– Color of reflector: amber/white/red/green/blue
– Suitable for all kinds of roads.

NOKIN is a reputable and reliable manufacturer specialized in Road Studs and other road safety products for many years. Our Road Studs have been exported to Middle & South America, Middle East, East Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and etc. Our products include plastic road studs,aluminum road studs, solar road studs, solar street light and etc.


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